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Technical supervision of building process

General Contractor Service, contract functions and presentation

plan of developing new buildings for f-centr company

Our company have experience in developer’s business in cooperation with foreign companies, among them are huge building companies: Renaissance Construction, Turkey, D'Appolonia S.p.A., Italy, Kesko, Finland. Projects are done with success, some are in work. Picture: plan of placing new buildings, project in work, Borodino near Mytischi Moscow region.

Functions of OOO «Sluzhba Zakazchika-Zastrojschika» in brief are

  • Communication between interested companies and controlling government committies,
  • Preparing of Build Permission including all investigations and providing all documentation and pre-project scheme, the main idea – to develop a building project scheme in concordance with law, building rules and standart, acting in Russia. It is of great importance to make a scheme of building project in accordance with situational resources of a place, develop and approve all conditions of connection with existing energy networks
  • Supervision of building process including inspecting and documentation of all kinds building works, especially concealed works in concrete construction, electrical and heat networks, airconditioning and fire-proof work.

Management and communications in building pre-construstion process

architectural supervision of a project in constructionWe manage meetings if needed; prepare meeting reports to be distributed to all members of building process. Usually they are

  • Investors (owner) of a project
  • Project companies (produce building design/engineering scheme)
  • General Contractor (and other special contractors)
  • Government experts and control services
  • Local administration

Our companiy acts as a Consultant that prepare a communication and approval building project process matrix. Technical specification of building rise from owner needs, architecture and engineering solution, local and federal laws and conditions of a territory and neighbour interests. All project documentation and scheme of building must be developed in concordance with Technical specification of building.

We prepare tenders and make bidding documents for surveys, investor and/or building owner to be sure that all processes of builing are in optimum costs.

We are competent engineering company in

  • Preparing documents for contract terms, instructions and bond/insurance requirements. Invite and prequalify tender participants;
  • Manage the tender process including organization of tender meetings, answering queries, providing tender analysis, which shall overview and comprise aesthetical, technical, financial and environmental aspects;
  • Assist and advise during negotiations of all contracts;
  • Hreparing draft contract documentation, assist in negotiating of final contract text and prepare final contracts and project scheme for signature.

Approved project of construction must be inspected to accomplish all norms and conditions:

  • Geological, geophysical and nature-protect expertise
  • Fire-proof and other security conditions
  • Placing and connecting with existing roads, electrical ant heat, water and sewage networks
  • Design and architecture decision must be done in concordance of architectural environment

Construction Management

OOO Sluzhba Zakazchika-Zastrojschika as a construction manager acts to develop

  • Our company acts as the focal point for communication within construction of the building facility and acts as the channel between all participants of the Facility’s construction process;
  • Prepare weekly work’s progress reports and work’s monthly status reports to investor and/or building owner, including time, costs and quality, problems and correction actions
  • Coordinate the works of any direct contractors of Client with the Main Contractor (Contractor’s) works; ensure that correct levels of quality and that the works for the Building Facility’s construction are carried out in time
  • Update weekly the time schedule to indicate progress to date, time to completion and corrective action if necessary;
  • Coordinate delivery and installations of the technological equipment of the Building

our company is tehnical supervisor in construction of this trade center in Myticshi by Renaissance Construction

Supervision of construction city mall in Mytischi Moscow region, 02.2012

Supervision of construction city mall in Mytischi Moscow region

Commissioning of building

  • Upon completion of the Project inspect the final works and prepare lists of defects to be corrected within the defects liability period; Organise the final acceptance procedures and ensure that Client (investor and/or building owner) is protected of unwarranted claims;
  • Secure and coordinate the handover of all as-built drawings, documents and maintenance manuals, etc; 
  • Coordinate the interactions between the Main Contractor (Contractors), other contractors and other participants of the Project, as well as coordinate all acts, files and actions necessary for proper final acceptance of the construction works’ result, and commissioning of the building.
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