Technical supervision of building process

General Contractor Service, contract functions and presentation

plan of developing new buildings for f-centr company

Our company have experience in developer’s business in cooperation with foreign companies, among them are huge building companies: Renaissance Construction, Turkey, D'Appolonia S.p.A., Italy, Kesko, Finland. Projects are done with success, some are in work. Picture: plan of placing new buildings, project in work, Borodino near Mytischi Moscow region.

Functions of OOO «Sluzhba Zakazchika-Zastrojschika» in brief are

Management and communications in building pre-construstion process

architectural supervision of a project in constructionWe manage meetings if needed; prepare meeting reports to be distributed to all members of building process. Usually they are

Our companiy acts as a Consultant that prepare a communication and approval building project process matrix. Technical specification of building rise from owner needs, architecture and engineering solution, local and federal laws and conditions of a territory and neighbour interests. All project documentation and scheme of building must be developed in concordance with Technical specification of building.

We prepare tenders and make bidding documents for surveys, investor and/or building owner to be sure that all processes of builing are in optimum costs.

We are competent engineering company in

Approved project of construction must be inspected to accomplish all norms and conditions:

Construction Management

OOO Sluzhba Zakazchika-Zastrojschika as a construction manager acts to develop

our company is tehnical supervisor in construction of this trade center in Myticshi by Renaissance Construction

Supervision of construction city mall in Mytischi Moscow region, 02.2012

Supervision of construction city mall in Mytischi Moscow region

Commissioning of building